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W.D. Bronze Collection
About William Dahl Contact W.D. Wildlife Creations

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Artist's Description:

Designed in 2002, this piece was my original experiment in creating a piece with 1-point of contact with the ground. A galloping horse seemed the perfect subject. The patina is also interesting, as it reflects a drastic contrast between the main body and the horses extremities. This was created solely by applying more heat to the legs, mane and tail during the patina process.

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"Majestic Monarch"
1 | 2
Majestic Monarch

"Great Escape" 1 | 2

Great Escape

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"Full Throttle" 1 | 2

Full Throttle

"No Escape" 1 | 2

No Escape

"Regal Vision" 1 | 2

Regal Vision

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"Vigil" 1 | 2

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"Plain View" 1 | 2

Plain View

"Royal Crown"

Royal Crown



"Silk Stalking"

Silk Stalking

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"Elusive Prey"

Elusive Prey

"Broken Silence"

Broken Silence

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